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  1. Best, Defining Terrorism, 2004.
  2. Best, Igniting a revolution: voices in defense of the earth, 2006.
  3. Best, Introducing Critical Animal Studies, 2007.
  4. Best, Terrorists or freedom fighters? reflections on the liberation of animals, 2004.
  5. Kemmerer, Call to compassion: reflections on animal advocacy from the world's..., 2011.
  6. Nocella, Abolition a Multi-Tactical Movement Strategy, 2010.
  7. Nocella, Animal Advocates for Prison and Slave Abolition: A Transformative Justice..., 2012.
  8. Nocella, Defining critical animal studies: an intersectional social justice approach for..., 2014.
  9. Nocella, Dr. Kim Socha, author of Women, Destruction, and the Avant-Garde:..., 2012.
  10. Nocella, Earth, animal, and disability liberation: the rise of the eco-ability..., 2012.
  11. Nocella, Healing Our Cuts, 2010.
  12. Nocella, Listen To Us!: A Dialogue For Solidarity With Lawrence Sampson,..., 2004.
  13. Nocella, The intersectionality of critical animal, disability, and environmental studies: toward..., 2017.
  14. Nocella, Unmasking the Animal Liberation Front Using Critical Pedagogy: Seeing the..., 2007.
  15. Nocella, ├ľko-Ability, 2015.