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  1. Despret, A for Artists: Stupid like a painter?, 2016.
  2. Despret, B for Beasts: Do apes really ape?, 2016.
  3. Despret, C for Corporeal: Is it all right to urinate in..., 2016.
  4. Despret, D for Delinquents: Can animals revolt?, 2016.
  5. Despret, E for Exhibitionists: Do animals see themselves as we see..., 2016.
  6. Despret, F for Fabricating Science: Do animals have a sense of..., 2016.
  7. Despret, From secret agents to interagency, 2013.
  8. Despret, G for Genius: With whom would extraterrestrials want to negotiate?, 2016.
  9. Despret, H for Hierarchies: Might the dominance of males be a..., 2016.
  10. Despret, How to Use This Book, 2016.
  11. Despret, I for Impaired: Are animals reliable models of morality?, 2016.
  12. Despret, J for Justice: Can animals compromise?, 2016.
  13. Despret, K for Killable: Are any species killable?, 2016.
  14. Despret, L for Laboratory: What are rats interested in during experiments?, 2016.
  15. Despret, M for Magpies: How can we interest elephants in mirrors?, 2016.
  16. Despret, N for Necessity: Can one lead a rat to infanticide?, 2016.
  17. Despret, O for Oeuvres: Do birds make art?, 2016.
  18. Despret, P for Pretenders: Can deception be proof of good manners?, 2016.
  19. Despret, Q for Queer: Are penguins coming out of the closet?, 2016.
  20. Despret, R for Reaction: Do goats agree with statistics?, 2016.
  21. Despret, S for Separations: Can animals be broken down?, 2016.
  22. Despret, T for Tying Knots: Who invented language and mathematics?, 2016.
  23. Despret, The body we care for. Figures of anthropo-zoo-genesis, 2004.
  24. Despret, U for Umwelt: Do beasts know ways of being in..., 2016.
  25. Despret, V for Versions: Do chimpanzees die like we do?, 2016.
  26. Despret, W for Work: Why do we say that cows don’t..., 2016.
  27. Despret, What would animals say if we asked the right questions?, 2016.
  28. Despret, X for Xenografts: Can one live with the heart of..., 2016.
  29. Despret, Y for YouTube: Are animals the new celebrities?, 2016.
  30. Despret, Z for Zoophilia: Can horses consent?, 2016.
  31. Mackenzie, Why "I Had Not Read Derrida": Often Too Close, Always..., 2015.
  32. Turner, Evolution, 2018.
  33. Ullrich, P is for Passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) also known as..., 2021.