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  1. Blount, Animal land: the creatures of children's fiction, 1975.
  2. Caras, Partial purification and properties of microsomal phosphatidate phosphohydrolase from rat..., 1975.
  3. Lefkowitz, Identification of adenylate cyclase-coupled beta-adrenergic receptors with radiolabeled beta-adrenergic antagonists, 1975.
  4. Makar, Formate assay in body fluids: application in methanol poisoning, 1975.
  5. Markowsky, Why anthropomorphism in children's literature?, 1975.
  6. Meighen, Hybrids of chemical derivatives of Escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase, 1975.
  7. Meyer, Mensch und Pferd. Zur Kultursoziologie einer Mensch-Tier-Assoziation., 1975.
  8. Moro, Properties of beta-glucuronidase activity in human synovial fluid, 1975.
  9. Potron, [The state of prothrombin, plasminogen and fibrinogen in the newborn..., 1975.
  10. Schmoldt, Digitoxin metabolism by rat liver microsomes, 1975.
  11. Schwabbauer, Use of the latent image technique to develop and evaluate..., 1975.
  12. Stein, The effect of adrenaline and of alpha- and beta-adrenergic blocking..., 1975.
  13. Swett, Outpatient phenothiazine use and bone marrow depression. A report from..., 1975.
  14. Van Gorkom, Light-induced changes of absorbance and electron spin resonance in small..., 1975.
  15. Warth, Determinants of intracellular pH in the erythrocyte, 1975.
  16. Wiesmann, Effect of chloroquine on cultured fibroblasts: release of lysosomal hydrolases..., 1975.