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  1. Abbate, How to Help when it Hurts: ACT Individually (and in..., 2020.
  2. Aloi, Cactus Store, 2020.
  3. Amir, Being & swine: the end of nature (as we knew..., 2020.
  4. Andrianova, Why Did Gerasim Drown His Mumu? Animal Subjectivity in Turgenev’s..., 2020.
  5. Angelucci, Arboretum: Figure as ground, 2020.
  6. Arluke, Underdogs: pets, people, and poverty., 2020.
  7. Baynes-Rock, Crocodile undone: the domestication of Australia's fauna, 2020.
  8. Beddard, Making Nature, 2020.
  9. Benz-Schwarzburg, Cognitive kin, moral strangers?: linking animal cognition, animal ethics &..., 2020.
  10. Berner, Strange Blood The Rise and Fall of Lamb Blood Transfusion..., 2020.
  11. Blanchette, Porkopolis: American animality, standardized life, and the factory farm, 2020.
  12. Blattner, Should Animals Have a Right to Work? Promises and Pitfalls, 2020.
  13. Boer, Herman de Vriesmy Poetry is the World, 2020.
  14. Borgards, Parrot Poll: Animal Mimesis in Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, 2020.
  15. Bosco, Animals and humans in German literature, 1800-2000: exploring the great..., 2020.
  16. Bosco, Animals, Humans, and W.G. Sebald’s “Poetics of Darkness”, 2020.
  17. Bosco, Exploring the Great Divide. Animals and Humans in the German-..., 2020.
  18. Bosco, Hounds, Horses and Elephants in Heinrich von Kleist’s Drama Penthesilea, 2020.
  19. Bosco, Investigating the Mouse: Musil, Kafka and Benjamin, 2020.
  20. Bosco, The Laughter of the Madman, the Laughter of the Hyena...., 2020.
  21. Bosco, The Mighty Louse. Animalistic South Sea Imperialism and E.T.A. Hoffmann’s..., 2020.
  22. Bosco, The Woman and the Snake/The Woman as a Snake. The..., 2020.
  23. Bosco, To Kill the Rider or the Horse. Narrative Function, Sign..., 2020.
  24. Bosco, Woyzeck and the Horse: Human and Animal in the Biopolitical..., 2020.
  25. Bosco, Zoopoetics in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: Rilke,..., 2020.
  26. Bosco, “Who Was the Lion?”: Sibylle Lewitscharoff’s Blumenberg, 2020.
  27. Boyde, Animal Studies Journal, 2020.
  28. Boyde, Animal Studies Journal, 2020.
  29. Boyde, Animal Studies Journal, 2020.
  30. Braverman, Fleshy Encounters: Meddling in the Lifeworlds of Zoo and Aquarium..., 2020.
  31. Brett, Last flowers, 2020.
  32. Bridgeland-Stephens, The Illegal Wildlife Trade: Through The Eyes of a One-Year-Old..., 2020.
  33. Brooks Pribac, Place Attachment and the Roots of Spiritual Relating in Animals, 2020.
  34. Brooks, The grass library: Essays, 2020.
  35. Brooks, The Grieving Kangaroo Photograph Revisited, 2020.
  36. Burton, A is for APE, 2020.
  37. Burton, Animalia: an anti-imperial bestiary for our times, 2020.
  38. Burton, B Is for Boar, 2020.
  39. Burton, C Is for Cattle, 2020.
  40. Burton, D Is for Dog, 2020.
  41. Burton, E Is for Elephant, 2020.
  42. Burton, F Is for Fox, 2020.
  43. Burton, G Is for Giraffe, 2020.
  44. Burton, H Is for Horse, 2020.
  45. Burton, I Is for Ibis, 2020.
  46. Burton, Introduction: Animals, the Bestiary Form, and Disruptive Imperial Histories, 2020.
  47. Burton, J Is for Jackal (and Dingo), 2020.
  48. Burton, K Is for Kiwi, 2020.
  49. Burton, L Is for Lion, 2020.
  50. Burton, M Is for Mosquito, 2020.
  51. Burton, N Is for North Atlantic Right Whale, 2020.
  52. Burton, O Is for Okapi, 2020.
  53. Burton, P Is for Platypus, 2020.
  54. Burton, Q Is for Quagga, 2020.
  55. Burton, R Is for Racoon, 2020.
  56. Burton, S Is for Scorpion, 2020.
  57. Burton, T Is for Tiger, 2020.
  58. Burton, U Is for Unicorn, 2020.
  59. Burton, V Is for Vulture, 2020.
  60. Burton, W Is for Whale, 2020.
  61. Burton, X Is for Xerus, 2020.
  62. Burton, Y Is for Yak, 2020.
  63. Burton, Z is for Zebu, 2020.
  64. Butler, Sheep Pig Goat, 2020.
  65. Böhnert, Methodologische Signaturen: ein philosophischer Versuch zur Systematisierung der empirischen Erforschung..., 2020.
  66. Camenzind, Instrumentalisierung: zu einer Grundkategorie der Ethik der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung, 2020.
  67. Carey, Avian Encounters and Moral Sentiment in Poetry from Eighteenth-Century Ireland, 2020.
  68. Carey, Bird Metaphors in Racialised Ethnographic Description, c. 1700–1800, 2020.
  69. Carey, Birds in eighteenth-century literature: reason, emotion, and ornithology, 1700-1840, 2020.
  70. Carey, Charlotte Smith and the Nightingale, 2020.
  71. Carey, Introduction, 2020.
  72. Carey, Ortolans, Partridges, and Pullets: Birds as Prey in Henry Fielding’s..., 2020.
  73. Carey, Placing Birds in Place: Reading Habitat in Beilby’s and Bewick’s..., 2020.
  74. Carey, The Labouring-Class Bird, 2020.
  75. Carey, The Language of Birds and the Language of Real Men:..., 2020.
  76. Carey, The Literary Gilbert White, 2020.
  77. Carey, The Passenger Pigeon and the New World Myth of Plenitude, 2020.
  78. Carey, When Poet Meets Penguin: British Verse Confronts Exotic Avifauna, 2020.
  79. Carey, ‘In Clouds Unnumber’d’: Anna Letitia Barbauld’s ‘Birds and Insects’, Speculative..., 2020.
  80. Carey, ‘No Parrot, Either in Morality or Sentiment’: Talking Birds and..., 2020.
  81. Carey, ‘The Incomparable Curiosity of Every Feather!’: Cotton Mather’s Birds, 2020.
  82. Carretero González, A Passionate Call for Murder: Dying and Suff ering Animals..., 2020.
  83. Carretero González, Affection, Literature, and Animal Ideation, 2020.
  84. Carretero González, Animals as Ornaments: On the Aesthetic Instrumentalization of Animals, 2020.
  85. Carretero González, Animals in Spanish Law: Changing the Legal Paradigm to Consider..., 2020.
  86. Carretero González, Antispeciesism and Environmentalism in the Spanish Fable: The Case of..., 2020.
  87. Carretero González, Defending Equality for Animals: The Antispeciesist Movement in Spain and..., 2020.
  88. Carretero González, Failed Arguments in Defense of Bullfighting, 2020.
  89. Carretero González, Ortega y Gasset’s Thoughts on Animals, 2020.
  90. Carretero González, Preface: Winds of Change in Spanish Thinking about Animals, 2020.
  91. Carretero González, She Is Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf: Concha..., 2020.
  92. Carretero González, Spanish Thinking about Animals, 2020.
  93. Carretero González, That Obscure Object of Desire: Body and Violence, 2020.
  94. Carretero González, The Literature in Spanish on the Question of Speciesism: An..., 2020.
  95. Carretero González, Usurped Strength, Stolen Nature: The Literature on the Fighting Bull, 2020.
  96. Carretero González, Wear My Eyes: Driving Empathy through Artistic Creation, 2020.
  97. Carvalho, Beware of Imposters (The Secret Life of Flowers), 2020.
  98. Castro, The 1970s Plant Craze, 2020.
  99. Celermajer, The Fate of the Illegible Animal: The Case of the..., 2020.
  100. Chen, ‘It's the outline of a pig and then it has..., 2020.
  101. Choné, Vers un anthropomorphisme critique: Jeux de miroirs, inversions et hybridations..., 2020.
  102. Cibo, Gherardo Cibo’s Ecological Vision, 2020.
  103. Cimatti, Aldo Capitini, Animal Ethics, and Nonviolence: The Expanding Circle, 2020.
  104. Cimatti, Animality and Immanence in Italian Thought, 2020.
  105. Cimatti, Animality Between Italian Theory and Posthumanism, 2020.
  106. Cimatti, Animality in contemporary Italian philosophy, 2020.
  107. Cimatti, Animality Now, 2020.
  108. Cimatti, Beyond Human and Animal: Giorgio Agamben and Life as Potential, 2020.
  109. Cimatti, Deconstructing the Dispositif of the Person: Animality and the Politics..., 2020.
  110. Cimatti, Experiencing Oneself in One’s Constitutive Relation: Unfolding Italian Sexual Difference, 2020.
  111. Cimatti, For the Critique of Political Anthropocentrism: Italian Marxism and the..., 2020.
  112. Cimatti, From Renaissance Ferinity to the Biopolitics of the Animal-Man: Animality..., 2020.
  113. Cimatti, Introduction: The Italian Animal—A Heterodox Tradition, 2020.
  114. Cimatti, Paolo De Benedetti: For an Animal Theology, 2020.
  115. Cimatti, Philosophical Ethology and Animal Subjectivity, 2020.
  116. Cimatti, The Animal Is Present: Non-human Animal Bodies in Recent Italian..., 2020.
  117. Cimatti, What Is Italian Antispeciesism? An Overview of Recent Tendencies in..., 2020.
  118. Cimatti, “Il faut bien tuer,” or the Calculation of the Abattoir, 2020.
  119. Clarke, Gaian systems: Lynn Margulis, neocybernetics, and the end of the..., 2020.
  120. Close, Screening Slaughter. The Repressed Politics and Troubled Aesthetics of Gabriel..., 2020.
  121. Collard, Animal Traffic: lively capital in the global exotic pet trade, 2020.
  122. Colling, Animal Resistance in the Global Capitalist Era, 2020.
  123. Cortez-Klossner, Painting the Vegetal and Human Condition, 2020.
  124. De Bruyn, The Novel and the Multispecies Soundscape, 2020.
  125. Doran, Native American Ethology and Animal Protectionist Rhetoric in the Long..., 2020.
  126. Dumonteil, L’animal éducateur ? De la spéci-ficité de l’animal homme dans..., 2020.
  127. Duyst-Akpem, Visible/Invisible:In the Luscious Garden with D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem, 2020.
  128. Eason, Human-canine collaboration in care: doing diabetes, 2020.
  129. Eason, Human-canine collaboration in care: doing diabetes, 2020.
  130. Ellerhoff, Mole, 2020.
  131. Fernández, The Emotional Politics of Images: Moral Shock, Explicit Violence and..., 2020.
  132. Finnegan, The “Idea of Natural History” in the work of Pierre..., 2020.
  133. Ford, Shifting the Anthropocentric Paradigms Embedded in Film and Classification (ratings)..., 2020.
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  150. Guest, Manufacturing the Horse: Understandings of Inheritance in the Long Eighteenth..., 2020.
  151. Guest, Mustang, Wild Horse or Breed? Reflections of American Culture, 2020.
  152. Guest, The Ideal Horse: Politics and Practices of Knabstrupper Breeding, 2020.
  153. Guest, The Making and Remaking of the Arabian Horse – From..., 2020.
  154. Guest, The Transition from Type to Breed: Draft Horses and Purebred..., 2020.
  155. Guest, Wild at Heart: The Chincoteague Pony and the Paradox of..., 2020.
  156. Guest, ‘Horse breeding is not a state affair!’ State stallions, breed..., 2020.
  157. Guez, Dor Guez: Lilies of the Valley, 2020.
  158. Hadley, [Review] Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change. Edited by..., 2020.
  159. Haikal, Master Pongo: a gorilla conquers Europe, 2020.
  160. Hamm, Le singe-soldat de Woyzeck: Mises en scène de l’anthropomorphisme, 2020.
  161. Hannan, Afterword: Meatsplaining in the Pyrocene, 2020.
  162. Hannan, Colouring outside the lines: Symbolic legitimacy and the Dietary Guidelines..., 2020.
  163. Hannan, Ethical meat from family farms? Transparency and proximity in a..., 2020.
  164. Hannan, Exporting meat, exporting progress? The Australian meat export industry and..., 2020.
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  170. Hannan, Pink slime is good for you? The animal-industrial complex as..., 2020.
  171. Hannan, The Save Movement: Bearing witness to suffering animals worldwide, 2020.
  172. Hannan, Veganism and Mi’kmaq legends, 2020.
  173. Hannan, Whose land? Whose beef? Marketing beef in Canada, 2020.
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  175. Harfleet, The Pansy Project, 2020.
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