Searching is possible at Basic search results use a combination of text bodies (OCRs, if available), titles and author names. All search results are sorted by relevance, most relevant first. Search results may include books which have not yet been scanned, where a preview is not possible, and only the title or author match. By default pages of ten results at a time, with:

Advanced search options

Advanced search allows restricting to a specific author, date of publication, and fuzzy search. Advanced options can be reset by performing a brand new search or by clicking on “Search”. Advanced search options are:

Typeahead suggestions ignore any selected advanced options. This can result in a typehead suggestion showing, but the search itself returnng zero results. Reset the advanced search options to show more results.

More than 10 results per page

By default 10 search results are shown at a time; this can be increased by selecting a larger number of results per page.

Searching for several words

By entering eg. “Nachtigall+Gesang” or “Nachtigall Gesang” multiple word or phrases can be searched for at once. Snippets preview results are only shown where all words occurs on the same page.